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Being a December graduate, I have decided to keep an open schedule and mind.  I have no definite plans for at least 5 months, and even then, nothing is certain.  This is all very new for me--I've always had a set plan of what I'm doing next.  Now, although I know the general direction I am heading, I am allowing opportunities to come to me that might have otherwise been lost if I had already made plans.
Join me for the ride as I begin to Learn By Living!

Friday, March 5, 2010

“Rule #1: Do not put toilet paper in a Guatemalan toilet, the drainage system cannot handle it!”

Humans are creatures of habit, and since living in the US I’ve developed the habit of throwing it in the toilet. TMI? Perhaps. But I find the situation humorous. In the packet given to me by the language school, this was the first rule. I looked to see what the 2nd and 3rd rules were and…there weren’t any. I guess there is only one rule. Toilet paper and drainage are a big deal. I find myself remembering this rule as soon as the scented paper (yes, scented, and sometimes even pink) leaves my fingertips, and I feel dread at the prospect that this will be the time that the drainage gets backed up and I end up flooding the bathroom. So far so good, will let you know if it finally happens to me or if I am conditioned by my fear of flooding to no longer throw it in the bowl.

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  1. I don't see why there would be a problem with throwing the toilet paper in the toilet. Too much could probably clog them, that happens. The other day a plumber had to come into our board and care facility and he said, "Sometimes the poop can be very dense, and that seemed to be the problem."